Take “window shopping” to a whole new level, with these outrageously priced aerodynamic racing machines. You may want to consider a career change if want to pick one of these bad boys up. Get ready to make an early withdrawal on your 401k because these dream bikes aren’t just fantasies.
Check out 7 bikes worth more than you car – spandex not included.




$11,920Black is the New Black—Cannondale SuperSix Evo HiMod Black Ink

Cannondale is known for wild design ideas, but when it comes to top-tier bikes, they keep it surprisingly simple. With no fancy integration or proprietary parts to speak of, the bike is a bit bland.
What’s the bottom line?
Cannondale put the SuperSix Evo on a rigorous diet. Weighing in at 11 pounds for an average size (56cm), supermodel-skinny don’t come cheap. They may call oil “black gold,” but think how much gas “black ink” will save you! We’re sure that savings will easily make up for its big sticker price of $11,920.







$13,000The Golden Throne—Colnago C60 Tricolore Limited Edition

Who doesn’t love Italian stuff?- The food, the cars, the women (or the men, if that’s your preference). The Colnago C60 is no exception to the rule. No detail was ignored on this hand painted beauty. Pick up one of these limited edition machines (only 100 made) and you can admire your custom shifters painted in the Italian tricolore.






cervCervelo.com http://www.cervelo.com/media/images/RCA-Profile-960×480-002d733a-67c3-4b0e-8339-245517f87d04-0-960×480.jpg

$13,000+Oh Canada—Cervelo RCa –
The RCa is a small-production run bike with all R&D and manufacturing occurring in a fancy lab in California. With special attention to detail and all stops pulled, the RCa is sold only as a frame for $10,000. Yep, spend $10k on this production bike and you can’t even ride it. If you actually want to ride this bike, you can expect to pay between $13,000 and $17,000.








$13,999 – Blessed by the Pope—Bianchi Specialissima Super Record
One of the oldest bike manufactures in the world, Bianchi is most recognized by their toothpaste-blue-green paint. The Specialissima couldn’t avoid the Colgate treatment either. They classify this bike as “Extreme Racing.” We’re sure that it must have some fancy Italian holy water in the frame that makes it worth every penny. So how much will this cavity-kicker run you?
Try this one on your pocket book:








$19,907Army Drab—Trek Madone Race shop Limited and the Madone 9 Series Project 1 option
As one of the most technologically advance bikes on the market, the new Trek Madone has a radical design. Fully loaded with integrated, proprietary parts and tidbits, this bike looks like a prototype that snuck its way into production.

This is crazy:

The Madone Race Shop Limited can be had as a frame or complete bike for $5499.99 and 12,999.99 respectively. Or, create your own custom chaos and select every part on the bike with the Trek Project One program. We were able to build the tank featured in the picture for a cool $19,907.99.








$20,000Trick or Treat—Specialized McLaren S-Works Tarmac –
When we said, “worth more than your car” we assumed that you weren’t driving a McLaren. If you do own a McLaren, you probably should have pre-ordered one of the 250 Specialized S-Works McLaren Tarmac to go with your sweet ride.

 Specialized worked closely with the supercar manufacture focusing on the minutia- custom carbon layup, hand painted by McLaren, and electroform metal foil graphics… the works. The bike could be yours for only $20,000! Why is it totally worth the price? I don’t know, I drive a Nissan.




$32,000A Raging Bull—BMC Impec Lamborghini –

Bicycle Manufacturing Company (yep, that’s what BMC stands for) collaborated with none other than Lamborghini to produce merely 50 units of this 50th anniversary special edition bike. If you are dreaming of owning a BMC Impec Lamborghini, $32K is probably the cheapest you will find one. What the heck, if you ask nicely they’ll probably throw in a roof rack for your Lambo.


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