Adam Hansen is a professional road cyclist. He’s been known to be a bit eccentric and very particular about his equipment. Apparently, running a slightly quirky setup of 180mm crank length, a zero degree off-set seatpost with the saddle slammed forward, a negative angle stem and 38cm wide handlebars wasn’t enough. After his favorite shoes were discontinued, Hansen began making his own shoes at home! With the pressure from the UCI enforcing their rule that all equipment needs to be available for sale or soon available, Hansen now offers the shoes for sale on his website for the outrageous price of 2000-2500 euros, or at this time, $2208.90-2761.13 US dollars. Justifying his pricing by explaining the 8 molds needed to make a single pair and the 42+ hours he puts into each set, we don’t think Hansen plans to sell many shoes.

Aside from his off-the-wall equipment antics, Hanson is a favorite amongst fans of the sport as he’s known for being a hard man who starts and finishes every grand tour and traditionally takes a beer from a a fan on the highest mountain stages.



And he’s hilarious to follow on Twitter.

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